Customizable Products Disclaimer: The designing software used to create your custom product is only an estimation of what the final product can look like. Once submitted, your artwork will need to be adjusted to meet our printing standards to account for bleeds. We may need to move and adjust your artwork for the best layout output. No additional proof(s) will be provided. Color samples on the web and designing software will vary on the final product since computer monitor calibration differs from monitor-to-monitor. Artwork with a lower resolution than 300 dpi may appear pixelated and fuzzy. Even though we accept artwork with 72 dpi, please note that the final quality will not be as shown in the designing software. A simple check for quality: Zoom in on your artwork to the actual size it will be. If it's fuzzy, blurred, or pixelated, IT WILL PRINT THAT WAY. We print only on "White" Wall Control Pegboards. Only the top portion of the pegboards are printed leaving the edges around the pegboard "White" with some overspray. 


HangTime® reserves the right to reject art files that are deemed offensive, discriminatory, degrading, or that violate/infringe a trademark, copyright, or property including but not limited to logos and original works of art.  If rejected, the order will be canceled, and a full refund will be issued.